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Brindabella is a beautiful valley area in Australia. Currently, there is no visitor information centre in Brindabella. However, Brindabella is merely 45 kilometres from Canberra. There is a visitor information centre that works for Canberra and its surrounding regions. The visitor information centre is called Canberra and Region Visitor Centre. The Canberra and Regions Visitor Centre is dedicated to helping visitors to Canberra and the surrounding region. The centre is focused on helping visitors get the most of their stay. Visitors are to chat with a friend who feeds them with all the information they need to have a smooth visit. The centre helps the visitor to get the best deals and necessary information on the area. Our staff won the 2017 award for the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence because they are friendly and vastly knowledgeable. Whatever it is that you need, be it last-minute accommodation needs, the gist on the best cafes and restaurants to visit, the best sports for tourist visits, and so much more, they are more than ready to guide you. A great peck of getting information from the Canberra and Region Visitors Centre is that they can also help you purchase fresh, authentic produce from the region. You can pick up nice souvenirs and local merchandise for your friends and family members. The centre is located at Regatta Point, Barrine Drive, Parkes ACT 2600. It shares a location with the National Capital Exhibition, which is also located at Regatta Point. The services of the visitor centre are not only available physically. You can access the services remotely through a phone call. Contact the Visitor Information Centre, contact any of the following phone numbers, +1300 554 114 for local calls and +61 2 6205 0044 for overseas calls. The centre is open between 9 AM and 5 PM from Monday to Friday and between 9 AM and 4 PM on weekends and public holidays. Please note that the centre is closed on Christmas Day. The Canberra and Region Visitor Centre also runs a visitor information booth at the airport. We will provide travellers arriving on international or domestic flights with information like last-minute maps, tour bookings, accommodation bookings, and things to see and do during the stay. During peak arrival times, we will staff the booth. Our staff at the Canberra and Region Visitors Centre are friendly. They are also very knowledgeable and have loads of useful information about the region. Contact us today physically or using a phone call, and you will be getting a nice scoop of inside information on what to do, what to see, and the places to go. The Visitor Centre will also get you informed on the COVID-19 guidelines to follow if you plan to come into or go out of Canberra. The centre will help you understand the guidelines and precautions you are expected to take before gaining entry into the region. Canberra and Region Visitors Centre is dedicated to ensuring that a visit to Canberra is interesting and fun-filled. You can use it to plan your visit to Brindabella.

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