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The valley of Brindabella, located 350 kilometres from Sydney and Forty kilometres SW of Canberra, is a breath-taking, beautiful place. It is an isolated valley located in the Snowy Mountains. Getting to the valley requires taking a difficult route running through the mountains. The beautiful Brindabella valley is a great place to visit. There are several fun places to visit and things to do. For example, the Brindabella Homestead and the National Park are great, fun places to visit.

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Brindabella was home to Miles Franklin, a beloved Australian author. As a matter of fact, her grandfather was the first settler in the area. This is one of the reasons why Brindabella Station is so famous.

Brindabella Homestead is located close to the Goodradigbee River. Beautiful European deciduous trees surround it. The trees look amazing in the spring and autumns.

Many people visit the valley just to catch a glimpse of the house that the famous author lived and grew up in. It has undergone several changes since the time Miles Franklin lived there with her family in the 1880s.

Sadly, the Brindabella Homestead is not open to the public for viewing at the moment. However, you can view the Franklin homestead from the road. The house and the surrounding outbuildings are quite distinctive with their red roofs. You can view pictures of the house at The house is currently up for sale, with pictures of the house posted on the site.

If you find yourself in the Brindabella area, be sure to stop by to view the historic home of Australia’s beloved author, Miles Franklin.

The Coree mountain is located within the Brindabella National Park and Namadgi National Park. It cuts across both the New South Walsh side and on the ACT side. It has hidden holds which abound with many routes. Before the Europeans began to settle in the area, the local Australian tribes hunted for Bogong moths in the mountains. The name “Coree” is the aboriginal word for a moth.

The mountain has great friction. It is stronger to boot, which means that rockfalls are unlikely. The mountain stands at the height of between 1350 to 1400 metres above sea level. Mount Coree can be seen from the Piccadilly Circus. The mountain top can get cold in the winter and even experiences snow. The best time for climbing Mount Coree is during the autumn and spring seasons.

A map of the area is available on the CCA website. The map is much better than the grainy photos currently on the satellite.

After a good hike up the mountain, you will need to replenish your strength. You can have a nice picnic at the mountain’s campground. Water is not made available at the Mt Coree campground, so be sure to come along with some drinking and cooking water. Rubbish bins are not available at the campground, so you are expected to take your trash along with you when leaving. There are picnic tables.

The toilet facility available at the campsite is a non-flush toilet. Also, there are currently no eating facilities and accommodation facilities in the area.

Brindabella Station

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