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Brindabella National Park

The Brindabella National Park is an appealing underdeveloped, and rugged Bushland area. It is located at the edge of the Capital Territory of Australia and located within easy reach of the nation’s capital. The national park has several campgrounds, Flea Creek, a great spot for a picnic, and some spectacular 4WD tracks.

Being an underdeveloped area, it is largely undisturbed. It is home to casuarinas trees and different birds like the peregrine falcons, the yellow-tailed black cockatoos, the pink robins, and the olive whistlers. You can enjoy the scenic views from the mountain tops, breathe the fresh mountain breeze, and even view Canberra and the Australian Alps in the distance.

Its closeness to Canberra means you can take a quick day trip or plan a weekend getaway to the Brindabella National Park alone or with your family. The park offers a nice, relaxing experience of an alpine bush. It has spectacular views, great walking paths, nice fishing spots, and the 4WD trails.

The 4WD trails are extensive, perfect for those who love a good challenge. Take your trail bike onto the trails and have a nice mountain biking experience. We will present you with a journey that takes you across ridgelines and unique mountainous terrains. The trails are covered with scribbly gums and red stringybark. Enjoy the scenic views of the lovely range.

For more information about the Brindabella National Park, check out the website http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/brindabella-national-park.

A “village” of tents pop up during a holiday weekend during the summer.

Coree Campground

The Coree Campground is nestled within the tall eucalypt forest. The Coree campground is a remote, beautiful campground in the Brindabella National Park.

Accommodations on the campground are tents. The area has a picnic table. There are toilet facilities. Be sure to bring along your water for cooking and drinking and some firewood for campfires. There is no camping fee required at the campground. However, you are expected to book with a $6 booking fee. You can book online or by phone call.

Flea Creek Picnic Area

Mountains surround the Flea Creek picnic area. The Flea Creek picnic area is a great spot if you're looking to get away from the city's bustle for a day. You get to idle away the afternoon under the shade of casuarina trees, enjoying the fresh wind. You can have a nice lunch at the spot, see the various wildlife and take a 4WD tour through the park. Be sure to bring along some drinking water, sunscreen, clothes for all weather conditions, and a hat.

McIntyre's Hut

On your way for a visit to the historical McIntyres Hut, stop by at the McIntyres campground. It is a picturesque campsite located at the riverside. It is a great spot for a picnic. You can enjoy fishing in the river and stay overnight. It has toilet facilities. Be sure to bring along your drinking and cooking items. Pre-booking is expected. Entry is free.

Bimberi Nature Reserve

The Bimberi Nature Reserve is a nature reserve protected by the Government. It is located in the Brindabella Range in New South Wales, Eastern Australia. The Bimberi Nature Reserve was set up in April 1985. It spans over 10,868 acres.

Brindabella Station

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