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Brindabella is a beautiful and quiet valley located in SE New South Wales' southern tablelands. The valley is located 345 kilometres SW of Sydney and 45 kilometres SW of Canberra. It is located on the winding and substandard road which connects Tumut and Canberra. It has a length of 100 kilometres / 62 miles from the North to the South and a width of 5 kilometres / 3.1 miles from the East to the West. Brindabella is located somewhere in the middle of a triangular setting. The triangle is made up of od Canberra, Tumut, and Cooma. The coordinates of Brindabella are 35° 35′ 39″ South 148° 47′ 21″ East. The highest point of Brindabella is the Bimberi Peak, at an elevation of 1,913 metres / 6,276 feet. The Brindabella station is surrounded by three National Parks, Kosciusko National Park, Namadgi National Park, and the Brindabella National Park. The Kosciusko national park spans over 1.6 million acres. The Namadgi National Park spans over 1.4 million acres. The Brindabella National Park, which was named after the valley, spans over 30,000 acres. Tall mountains surround the Brindabella valley. The mountains are up to 5000 feet in height. Only the mountains with the higher peaks show above the tree line around the rim of the valley. The valley is semi-cleared and spans about 8 kilometres. The Goodradigbee River passes through the valley. It first rises on the high plains inside the Kosciusko National Park. It then flows through the Brindabella valley and re-enters the rough country again, where it joins with the Murrumbidgee river at Carey's Caves in Wee Casper. Brindabella Station is a working property. Apart from the farming activities that attract many visitors to the site, there are many more for guests to see and do. The popular Brindabella Homestead, the one-time home of the famous writer Miles Franklin, is approximately 3 kilometres to the South of the T-junction formed by the road leading from Canberra to Brindabella and the road to Brindabella Valley, which is on the Goodradigbee River, just 60 kilometres from Canberra. It is a property that has a significant history, culture, architecture and is of great geographic interest. Brindabella is a place you to go to engage in sightseeing, trail walking, and other activities. It is not a place for visitors who would rather spend their time resting in a hotel room or playing games at a Casino. It is for visitors who want to explore and engage in outdoor activities. You would be nose-to-nose to the Australian Heritage. Most visitors to Brindabella drive their private cars. Brindabella's visitors are varied and come from all walks of life and ages. You would find lawyers, ambassadors, mathematicians, teachers, judges, physicists, doctors, surgeons, engineers, financiers, vets, religious leaders like rabbis and archbishops, art and literature enthusiasts, etc. There are also bus systems in place to help visitors get to and from Brindabella. Some buses regularly ply the route between Canberra and Brindabella.

Brindabella Station

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