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We Provide Information on Brindabella Brindabella is a beautiful ad quiet valley in NSW. The beautiful Brindabella valley is a great place to visit. There are several fun places to visit and things to do.
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Brindabella is a beautiful valley area in Australia. Currently, there is no visitor information centre in Brindabella. However, Brindabella is merely 45 kilometres from Canberra. There is a visitor information centre that works for Canberra and its surrounding regions. The visitor information centre is called Canberra and Region Visitor Centre.

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Origin of the Name

The name Brindabella was given to the valley area by the native Aboriginals who lived in the area. Before the arrival of the Europeans and the Franklin family's settlement, the area was occupied by the Djimantan Aborigines, the Walgalu Aborigines, and the Ngunawal Aborigines, the Aboriginal Australians.

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Brindabella is a beautiful and quiet valley located in SE New South Wales' southern tablelands. The valley is located 345 kilometres SW of Sydney and 45 kilometres SW of Canberra. It is located on the winding and substandard road which connects Tumut and Canberra. It has a length of 100 kilometres / 62 miles from the North to the South and a width of 5 kilometres / 3.1 miles from the East to the West.

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Things to See and Do

The valley of Brindabella, located 350 kilometres from Sydney and Forty kilometres SW of Canberra, is a breath-taking, beautiful place. It is an isolated valley located in the Snowy Mountains. The beautiful Brindabella valley is a great place to visit. There are several fun places to visit and things to do. For example, the Brindabella Homestead and the National Park are great, fun places to visit.

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The Walgalu, Ngunawal, and Djimantan Aborigines were the original occupants of the Brindabella Valley before the Europeans' arrival. The area was a rich, beautiful valley. Major Mitchell carried out the first exploration of the Brindabella station. Afterwards, a Murray of Yarralumla and then the Webb brothers explored the area. However, it was Joseph Franklin that first attempted to settle in the area.

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Saving Our Species Programs

Taking care of the earth and all of its occupants need to be protected. Almost 1000 different native animals and plants are at risk of being lost in our state. The Government of New South Wales established the Saving our Species (SOS) to take care of this issue.

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Brindabella gets a host of visitors that cut across different walks of life and ages. If you're planning to stay over in the range, you will need access to food. Furthermore, the major activities in the Brindabella are outdoor. For example, a visit to the Brindabella National Park will have you trudging through a vast area of land. You would need food for strength.

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